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Nearby Explorations

Recently I have been discovering more and more around my home town.

Field Reflections

Located a stones throw away from a major junction is a rural landscape divided by country roads. Signposts saying ‘you are being watched’ are dotted about in an attempt to warn off fly tippers. Halfway down the road was a concrete surface that met one of these fields that was now occupied by water, allowing reflections to appear.

Tent Environment

After jumping two padlocked gates, I was able to get to the makeshift greenhouse that I saw from the road. The building had a wooden frame with thick plastic sheet material fixed to it. It didn’t look as if it had been in regular use in a long time so I made my way in through the open door and observed.

Vacant Court

I was informed that a nearby tennis court had been left un-kept by its owners and knew the general area of its location. After walking a couple minutes from the road, the moss-ridden court was visible and I had to think of how to capture the textures. I decided to focus on the small details and not necessarily the big picture.

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